167 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Abdullah Salman UNINE - Atomic clocks based on CPT Gaetano Mileti, LTF-UniNE
Christoph Affolderbach, LTF-UniNE
Agazzi Andrea UNIGE E-Mail Physique mathematique
Akıllı Ece UNIGE E-Mail Particle physics Tobias Golling
Alispach Cyril UNIGE E-Mail Cherenkov Telescope Array, astroparticle physics Prof. Teresa Montaruli
Almat Nil UNINE E-Mail Optical metrology and spectroscopy Prof. Gaetano Mileti
Amundsen Thomas UNIGE - --- MaNEP
O. Fischer
Banafsheh Mojdeh UNIGE - Astro-Particule (High energy astrophysics more theory parts)
Barnea Tomer UNIGE - Information quantique
Barone Gaetano UNIGE - --- M. Pohl
Benbessi Assia UNIGE E-Mail Cristal growth
Benhar Noccioli Eleonora UNIGE E-Mail ---
Biagetti Matteo UNIGE E-Mail Desjacques
Blachucki Wojciech UNIFR - Atomic x-ray spectroscopy
Boaron Alberto UNIGE E-Mail Quantum Key Distribution
Boeckle Christoph UNIGE - --- Prof. Peter Wittwer
Borin Artem UNIGE E-Mail Quantum Hall Physics
Boselli Margherita UNIGE E-Mail Oxides interfaces Jean-Marc Triscone
Bott Matthias UNIFR E-Mail Phase Transitions in Highly Confined Geometries Prof. Joseph Brader
Bowles Joseph UNIGE - Quantum Information Theory Nicolas Brunner
Brighi Matteo UNIGE E-Mail Novel borohydrides as solid state ion conductors for electrochemical energy storage Radovan Cerny
Brochard Pierre UNINE E-Mail Time & Frequency Metrology Optical Combs Laser Stabilization Thomas Südmeyer
Bron Stéphanie UNIGE E-Mail Icecube
Bruno Natalia UNIGE - Single photon entanglement: from foundations to applications
Calace Noemi UNIGE E-Mail Work on ITK
Cardona Castro Wilmar Alberto UNIGE - Cosmology Martin Kunz
Carver Tessa UNIGE E-Mail Recherche dans IceCube
Catalano Sara UNIGE - Perovskite Nickelates
Chekeres Olga UNIGE E-Mail Surface observables in gauge theories. Prof. Anton Alexeev
Chekini Mahshid UNIGE - Plasmonics and Chirality Thomas Burgi
CHEN Yao UNIGE E-Mail AMS-02 experiment
Chernii Iurii UNIGE - --- E. Sukhorukov
Chliamovitch Gregor UNIGE E-Mail Information Theory and Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems Prof. Bastien Chopard
Prof. Peter Wittwer
Christov Asen UNIGE E-Mail Asproparticle physics, neutrinos
Coira Emanuele UNIGE E-Mail Kollath
Colombo Simone UNIFR - Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) using atomic magnetometry
Conley Gaurasundar UNIFR E-Mail microscopie super-résolution, analyse et reconstruction d'image Frank Scheffold
Costanzo Davide UNIGE E-Mail Electronic transport in 2D materials
Cuccagna Caterina UNIGE E-Mail
Cusin Giulia UNIGE - Massive gravity
Daeden Alicia UNIGE E-Mail Asymetric division in Drosophila Sensory organ precursors Marcos Gonzalez
Damyanova Antoaneta UNIGE E-Mail Experimental Particle Physics
Daverio David UNIGE E-Mail Martin Kunz
Davide Filippo Valentinis UNIGE E-Mail TeraHertz photonics of 2-dimensional quantum matter Prof. Dirk van der Marel
De la Torre Alberto UNIGE - ... Fischer
Delitzsch Chris Malena UNIGE E-Mail Determination of the jet mass scale uncertainty and studies using boosted topologies Giuseppe Iacobucci
di bello francesco armando UNIGE E-Mail Particle Physics Giuseppe Iacobucci
Drielsma François UNIGE E-Mail Muon Cooling (MICE) Alain Blondel
Droz David UNIGE E-Mail Astroparticle physics, DAMPE experiment Professor Xin Wu
Dubreuil Arnaud UNIGE E-Mail Physique des particules Pr Philippe Mermod
Fernandez Stéphanie UNIGE E-Mail Travail sur les matériaux ferroélectriques ainsi que sur les supraconducteurs à haute température critique. Professeur Jean-Marc Triscone
fowlie jennifer UNIGE E-Mail Condensed matter physics - oxide thin films
Gaponenko Iaroslav UNIGE E-Mail Novel functionalities at domain walls in ferroic materials Prof. Patrycja Paruch
GATEAU Julien UNIGE - Biophotonics Wolf jean-pierre
Gazdic Tim UNIGE E-Mail Scanning tunnelling microscopy(STM) of high-temperature superconductors(HTCs). Christoph Renner
Gharavipour Mohammadreza UNINE E-Mail Rb Atomic Clock
Ghosh Basundhara UNIGE E-Mail Testing general relativity on cosmological scales Prof. Ruth Durrer
Goremykina Anna UNIGE - Mesoscopic Quantum Hall Effect E.Sukhorukov
Gramling Johanna UNIGE - Data Analysis with ATLAS
Grassi Alba UNIGE - - Marcos Marino
Grushina Anna UNIGE - --- A. Morpurgo
Guarato Pietro Maria UNIGE - Massive gravity
Guescini Francesco UNIGE E-Mail Giuseppe Iacobucci
Guimaraes Couto Nuno Jose UNIGE - --- A. Morpurgo
Gürel Kutan UNINE E-Mail QCL stabilization
Guyonnet Jill UNIGE - Etude de parois de domaines ferroélectriques par microscopie à sonde locale Patryca Paruch
Jean-Marc Triscone
Haegel Leïla UNIGE - Physique du neutrino Alain Blondel
Haesler Alexis UNIGE - --- Alain Blondel
Hakobyan Sargis UNINE E-Mail Frequency combs, Waveguide lasers
Hassani Farbod UNIGE E-Mail General relativistic N-body simulation code, Euclid collaboration, Large scale structures Prof. Martin Kunz
Prof. Ruth Durrer
Hayakawa Daiki UNIGE E-Mail Development of Thin-TOF PET scanner (TT-PET)
Herrmann Andreas UNIFR E-Mail Non-equilibrium dynamics in strongly correlated electron systems
Humbert-Droz Marie UNIGE - Modelling of excited state properties. Theoretical chemistry Pr. T. A. Wesolowski
Idrisov Edvin UNIGE - Mesoscopic effects in quantum Hall systems. Prof. Eugene Sukhorukov
Jallageas Antoine UNINE - Evaluation of the METAS-FoCS-2 primary frequency standard Pr Thomas Südmeyer 2017
Jornod Nayara UNINE E-Mail Optics/Photonics: Novel frequency combs for optical metrology Prof. Thomas Südmeyer
Kamar Naushad Ahmad UNIGE E-Mail I am currently working on dynamics of single impurity in cold atoms. Prof. Thierry Giamarchi
Karlen Sylvain UNINE E-Mail Novel wafer-level vapour-cell fabrication and filling techniques for low-cost miniature atomic clocks Gaetano Mileti
Katre Akshay UNIGE - Search for Magnetic Monopoles
Keller Oliver UNIGE E-Mail Working title: A Novel Augmented Reality Learning Tool for Radioactivity - Technological and Educational Aspects Prof. Andreas Müller (UNIGE)
Sascha Schmeling (CERN), Mathieu Benoit (UNIGE)
Kestin Noam UNIGE E-Mail Four Spin Correlation in the One Dimensional XXZ Model compared with DMRG simulation
Kinnear Calum UNIFR - --- Alke Fink
Kiselev Denis UNIGE - --- J.-P. Wolf
Koepke Corinna UNIL - Assessing and accounting for the effects of model error in Bayesian solutions to hydrogeophysical inverse problems
Korzh Boris UNIGE - Single Photon Detection and Quantum Key Distribution Prof. Hugo Zbinden
Lanfermann Marie UNIGE E-Mail Tobias Golling
Li Danfeng UNIGE E-Mail --- Jean-Marc Triscone
Li Yang UNIGE - Precision Measurements of the Carbon and Oxygen Fluxes and the Isotopic Composition of Helium Nuclei in Primary Cosmic Rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station Prof. Martin Pohl
Prof. Xin Wu
Lionti Anthony UNIGE E-Mail Highly Ionizing Particles search at run II with ATLAS Philippe Mermod
Lisunova Yuliya UNIGE - --- P. Paruch
Lyzwa Fryderyk UNIFR E-Mail Terahertz and infrared spectroscopy
Maret Lucie UNIGE E-Mail Neutrino Physics Alain Blondel
Martín Marí Carlos UNIGE - Blondel
Martins Antonio UNIGE E-Mail Numerical models of reaction-diffusion/chemotaxis determining complex patterns of skin appendages and skin coloration: incorporating 3D, growth, and realistic networks of activators/inhibitors. Prof. Michel Milinkovitch
Prof. Bastien Chopard
Mauro Diego UNIGE E-Mail Electronic transport, two dimensional materials Alberto Morpurgo 2020
McKeown Siobhan UNIGE E-Mail The study of the two-dimensional electron gas at the surface of SrTiO3, by ARPES
Meng Lingxin UNIGE E-Mail Development of CMOS sensors for HL ATLAS detectors
Menteshashvili Mikheil UNIFR E-Mail --- D. Baeriswyl
Merceron Loïc UNINE E-Mail Intracavity High Harmonics Generation
Miucci Antonio UNIGE E-Mail Construction, Installation of the 4^ layer of pixel
Modsching Norbert UNINE E-Mail High-power thin-disk laser Prof. Dr. Thomas Südmeyer
Mohan Arya UNIGE E-Mail Condensed matter Physics
Montanari Francesco UNIGE - Durrer
Moreno William UNINE E-Mail Atomic clock, laser stabilisation
Morgante Enrico UNIGE - Cosmology Antonio Riotto
Müller Konrad UNIGE - ---
Munoz Salinas Maira UNIGE E-Mail Astroparticle Physics Xin Wu
Nazzani Francesco UNIFR E-Mail Characterization of the glass transition of charged microgels in de-ionized condition
Nedoliuk Ievgeniia UNIGE E-Mail Magneto-optical spectroscopy of two-dimensional crystals
Njoh Ekoume Theodore Rodrigue Stephane UNIGE E-Mail Teresa Montaruli "Teresa Montaruli"
Novello Anna Maria UNIGE - --- C. Renner
Obrzud Ewelina UNIGE E-Mail Astrophysics
Paradis Clément UNINE E-Mail Ultra fast, high power laser
Parsa Saba UNIGE E-Mail Neutrino oscillation experiment T2K Alain Blondel
Pasztor Arpad UNIGE E-Mail Scanning probe microscopy of exfoliated dichalcogenides Prof. Christoph Renner
Perrier Hideki UNIGE - Cosmologie
Philippi Marc UNIGE E-Mail Excitons in TMDC Alexey Kuzmenko
Picazio Attilio UNIGE - Iacobucci
Ponomarev Evgeniy UNIGE E-Mail CVD growth of transition metal dichalcogenides
Pütz Gilles UNIGE - Measurement dependent locality
Racco Davide UNIGE E-Mail Dark Matter in Particle Physics and Cosmology Prof. Antonio Riotto
Rameez Mohamed UNIGE - Astroparticle Physics Prof Teresa Montaruli
Rapin Guillaume UNIGE E-Mail Biophysics: Cell front roughness study Ferroelectricity: Domain wall roughness and conductivity Patrycja Paruch 2021
Reddy Bojja Aditya UNIGE E-Mail Two dimensional Material A. Morpurgo
Religi Arianna UNIGE E-Mail Prediction Solar UV Exposure
Renou Marc-Olivier UNIGE E-Mail Quantum optics theory Nicolas Gisin
Ricco Sara UNIGE E-Mail Laser-ARPES studies of non-Fermi-liquids Felix Baumberger
Riggi Margot UNIGE E-Mail The Role of TOR Complex 2 in the regulation of Plasma Membrane Tension Homeostasis Robbie Loewith
Aurélien Roux
Ristic Branislav UNIGE E-Mail CMOS based silicon detectors for the ATLAS Phase II Upgrade
Rogov Andrii UNIGE - Wolf
Rosbach Kilian UNIGE - --- A. Clark
Rosset Denis UNIGE - --- N. Gisin 2014
Ruppen Julien UNIGE - Dirk Van der Marel
Sadikin Yolanda UNIGE - Cerny
Sandhu Jaspreet UNIGE - Massive Gravity
Scacchi Alberto UNIFR E-Mail Colloidal suspensions driven out of equilibrium Prof. Joseph M. Brader
Scalia Giuseppe UNIFR - --- Scheffold
Scantamburlo Enrico UNIGE - Blondel
Schmidt Cédric UNIGE E-Mail High Harmonic Generation and Coherent Control Jean-Pierre Wolf
Schubert Elise UNIGE - Laser Filaments Interactions with Clouds and Electric Fields Jean-Pierre Wolf 2017
Shakas Alexis UNIL E-Mail Geophysique Niklas Linde
Sheng Yuan UNIFR - Structure and Function of Polymers far from Equilibrium
Sheveleva Evgeniia UNIFR E-Mail Study of superconducting and magnetic materials using terahertz and infrared spectroscopy Prof. Dr. Christian Bernhard
Sopic Sandra UNIGE - --- A. Morpurgo
Spera Marcello UNIGE E-Mail Scanning Tunneling MIcroscopy
Strassmann Peter UNIGE E-Mail Quantum Memories and Repeaters
Stricker Damien UNIGE - --- D. VanderMarel
Stucky Adrien UNIGE - Growth and optical investigation of magnetoelectric multiferroics materials Prof Dirk van der Marel
Tansella Vittorio UNIGE E-Mail Cosmology, Large scales structure of the universe Ruth Durrer
Thomas Konrad UNIGE - Physique mésoscopique/ théorie du transport quantique
Tückmantel Philippe UNIGE E-Mail Functional properties of domain walls in ferroelectric thin films Professor Patrycja Paruch
Valente Marco UNIGE E-Mail SUSY searches with the ATLAS detector Anna Sfyrla
Verbanis Ephanielle UNIGE E-Mail Quantum communication Hugo Zbinden
Verguilov Vassil UNIGE E-Mail --- Alain Blondel
Jean-Sebastien Graulich
Vicente Barreto Pinto Mateus UNIGE E-Mail Study of capacitively-coupled pixel detector for ATLAS Inner Tracker high luminosity upgrade Giuseppe IACOBUCCI (!) Mathieu BENOIT
Vielma Manuel UNIGE E-Mail Dynamics in Quantum Field Theory from the AdS/CFT Correspondence Julian SONNER
Villarreal Renan UNIGE - microscopie a effect tunnel
Vitillo Stefania UNIGE E-Mail Assembling and first results Using Dampe
Watson Ian UNIGE - --- Allan Clark
Kevin Varvell
Weymann Christian UNIGE E-Mail Interface effects in ferroelectric oxides Patrycja Paruch Jean-Marc Triscone
Worni Raphael Philipp UNIGE - --- M. Beniston
Yazdi Meghdad UNIFR E-Mail Oxides interfaces Prof. C. Bernhard
yousaf iqra UNIFR E-Mail title of my mphil thesis is "on the measures of wave packet revivals and fractional revivals" and i want to work in quantum dynamics/optics
YU Fei UNIFR E-Mail recommendation review on complex network an zeng
Zambrini Cruzeiro Emmanuel UNIGE E-Mail Mémoires quantiques et intrication macroscopique
Zeeshan Faisal UNIFR E-Mail Python for Beginners
Ziegler Benedikt UNIGE - --- P. Paruch