The doctoral program of the CUSO encourages the efforts of post-graduate study in common physics at the University of Fribourg, Geneva, Neuchâtel and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

The doctoral program in physics organizes study program in the field of physics, intended for the candidates for  doctorate, for university and industry researchers, for university lecturer, for the qualified physicists and engineers. It is also opened for high school teachers and advanced university students.

The study program is proposed in the form of regular or concentrated courses and seminars over a period of several days. It is entrusted to professors of participating universities and invited professors or researchers.

Each participant having regularly followed a study program receives, with his/her request, a certificate signed by the professor who is responsible for the study.

In theory, no registration finance is perceived for the participants attached to a university associated with the 3rd cycle of physics or with the public institutions of the corresponding cantons.